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VR Multi User Experience

Our own research and testing showed us a known fact in Virtual Reality development: a shared VR experience is much better when more users are simultaneously involved.

Using our NATS Virtual Lab as a base, we expanded the experience to support multiple VR users to view and interact with the content at once.

The scaled down model of Heathrow Airport has been moved to the center of the room, and now has real-time data powering it. Using systems provided by NATS we can show each plane in relation to the airport, so you can actually see when a real plane is landing or taking off!

This could provide great insight by using a 3D lifelike view that’s not been seen before, allowing the users to optimize routes and patterns in the flight data!

Both users can also interact with the Model of Heathrow Airport. They can select any of the buildings with their laser pointers to find out which building it is, and what it does in the airport. This will show up for both users, so it allows them to discuss the things they are seeing.


Altitude VR Behind the Scenes

Here’s some behind the scenes from the spinnaker project, and some shots from the Press Launch Evening!

Oculus Go Development is a Go!

We’re now in ownership of our first Oculus Go!

Oculus Go in many ways is the dawn of a new era in virtual reality. It’s a standalone device which means it’s finally cut the cord from the PC needed to run its older counterpart the Oculus Rift.

With this new tech, it means we can start pushing much more mass produced content, for bigger audiences! Companies can start experimenting with much more using the Oculus Go, and we can’t wait to see how we use it first!

Polymerse Featured in Business Express Magazine!

Polymerse’s VR application for the Spinnaker Tower – Altitude – was featured in this months issue (September 2018) of Business News!

From page 31 “Award winning VR studio Polymerse has built a detailed CGI model of the tower and surrounding skyline. The headset will whisk visitors from inside to outside of the building where they can test their head for heights by walking along a re-creation of one of the tower’s horizontal beams, with seemingly nothing but a 90-metre drop to Portsmouth Harbor below”


Best uses of Virtual Reality this month

This month Topshop customers had the opportunity to ride a giant water slide down Oxford Street and Guinness drinkers could enhance the taste of their beer by watching a video of specific shapes and colours.

How is this possible? Virtual Reality of course.


Virtual Reality is a powerful marketing tool because it allows brands to give their consumer something exciting, new and limit-defying. Massive companies are adopting this exciting technology to give their customers a brilliant brand-enhancing experience. The Topshop slide and the Guinness sensory experience were two uses of VR that particularly stood out this month. They stood out because they were both intelligent, creative and helped to strengthen their consumer relationship.

Alongside their promotion of 3 new products, Guinness created a sensory VR tasting experience. The new products include Guinness Draft, West Indies Porter and Hop House 13 Lager. In selected Tesco stores, Guinness fans are able to taste the beer whilst watching a video in VR. The intelligent cup is connected to the VR image helping to ensure the customer experiences the right image at the right time. The images and sounds displayed are made up of different shapes, noises and colours, all used to enhance the taste of the drink. This displays the benefits of technology for the brand and their consumers.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.00.15


Topshop created a fantastic VR experience at their flagship store on Oxford Street in London. It is part of their ‘Topshop Splash’ summer campaign which will run from 25th May – 4th June alongside other events such as an ice-cream parlor and swimwear personalization. The VR experience is a massive waterslide down oxford street similar to the Barlcay card advert back in 2008. The experience starts with an actual slide in store and then the VR video takes over. Through VR, Topshop are able to give their consumer an unimaginable experience which will help them to retain their loyal fan base of summer-loving, thrill-seeking individuals.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 12.33.33


There really are no limits to VR and the experiences it can create. As brands become more familiar with this technology, these exciting creations will only continue to improve and inspire.




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Automotive Virtual Experiences

VR has established a strong foothold in certain verticals, one of which is automotive. Companies such as Jaguar and Audi have excelled in deploying useful VR experiences, which have benefited their brand.

The industry is predominantly using VR as a marketing tool and has proven to be an effective strategy. Jaguar said that it was helping them “sell an incredible amount of cars” after their joint effort with IBM at Wimbledon.


Audi wanted to use VR to drive interest in their existing range. In the video below you’ll see a demo which they used to wow guests at conferences around the world.


Experts suggest that up to 5% of all car sales could be made online by 2020 and VR will play a key role in making this a reality, virtual or otherwise. With some companies, such as Jaguar, using VR in direct messages (DM), we’re already seeing instances of people getting invested in a car they’ve never actually seen. This approach will, at a bare minimum, make a car salesmen’s job considerably easier when that customer visits the showroom.


In conclusion, the car industry is definitely benefiting from the introduction of VR. The ability to capture the user’s full attention is something no other medium can offer at the moment.

If you’d like to see some of the work we’ve done in this sector, check out our Range Rover interior customiser.

Youtubers Love Our Game

Throughout Mass Exodus’ launch, we’ve had amazingly positive feedback from everyone who has played it. We couldn’t be happier that people are making videos about the game, some funny, some informative, and some reviews. We can’t thank you all enough for the support.



Node are a Youtube Channel that play only the best VR games, and enjoyed our game enough to add it to their roster. They made two amazing videos showcasing Mass Exodus, where they had some really close calls on who wins.



Shonduras is a popular vlogger on YouTube, but has recently started a second channel for gaming with his work colleagues. They took a twist on our game by adding in a hilarious story where the factory used to make hotdogs. Interesting concept guys!



Brometheus normally plays VR solo and reviews games, but managed to get his girlfriend to dive into our factory with him, for some super tense games. Looks like they both had a blast!


Mass Exodus Behind The Scenes


2017 has already been an exciting year for the Polymerse team. Their newly developed VR multi-player game, Mass Exodus has had lots of downloads and positive feedback. It was also awarded second place in the MSI VR Jam Competition!

The Polymerse team have been working hard and they’re continuously updating and testing their game for improvements. The team took a moment out of the virtual world to tell us more about the story behind the game and their plans for future releases.

In no particular order let me introduce to you the creators behind Mass Exodus.

Firstly we have Dan, the developer and VR enthusiast who spends more time in the virtual world than the real one. Then we have Corey our PC gaming, 3D artist and UI designer and finally Jack, our 6ft4 quick-witted 3D modeller.



So guys, please tell me about your game.

Dan: It’s a multiplayer game set over 150 years in the future at an android assembly plant.

Corey: One player is this massive robot called the Seeker who has to find the rogue android being played by the second player on the PC.  

Dan: The rogue android has to blend in with the other robots and switch off the power consoles around the warehouse to shut the factory down.



Sounds brilliant. What inspired you to come up with the concept?
Jack: We wanted to build upon a game everyone knows and loves, hide and seek. But then take the concept and give it a VR modern twist.



So who is the game specifically aimed at?

Corey: Anyone looking for a local party VR experience. We made sure it could run on the minimum spec VR ready PC’s so there was no limitations on who can play it.
Because the concept and controls are simple, it’s easy to teach friends and family to join in.



Mass Exodus is an interesting name, how did you come up with it?

Dan: The game is about trying to escape the factory from within the masses of androids. As you can also play with multiple people and all try to escape from the Seeker at once, hence the Mass part.



So it has a couple of months since you released it on steam. What has the feedback been like so far?
Corey: People are loving the experience so far.
We’ve found that people enjoy playing both the Rogue and the Seeker, which is something we’re super happy with.
The power-ups in the game are swinging the tide in great ways, which is leading to some exciting plays.



What upgrades have you made since launch?

Dan: Well we have done quite a lot since launch already like quality of life features like height adjustment, a second level has been added with controller support and currently working on online multiplayer.

Jack: We also had a temporary Christmas mode, which was fun.



How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access Version?

Dan: Well the main difference is online multiplayer so the VR player can play with PC players. We’re currently adding this to the game now, so hopefully release will be soon!

Jack: Corey and I are currently working on level 3 to launch with online too.



That’s brilliant congratulations on the game so far!

Good luck with everything and I hope your game continues to be successful.

Mass Exodus wins at the MSI VR Jam

We’re very proud to announce that Polymerse won second prize in the MSI VR JAM Developer competition with our exciting new game, Mass Exodus. 600 teams, from across 72 countries, submitted their games and with such stiff competition we are truly honoured to be awarded second place.

The global MSI VR JAM Developer Competition aimed to inspire VR developers and push the capabilities of the latest VR hardware. MSI is a leading hardware developer and produce VR-ready products that test the industry benchmark. We are therefore very proud to be involved with such a fantastic organisation and their partners IntelUnity, Uploadload and WEARVR.

This game is a must buy for the vive...Just buy it!

Our game is set in a droid corp assembly plant where an android has broken rank, it’s a local multiplayer game where you can play to either find the android or play to help him escape. The Seeker is a large sinister robot in control of the factory and the second player is the rogue android. To escape you must switch off all four power consoles, located around the warehouse, to shut the factory down. The game is fast-paced, easy to pick up and has the ability to swap between VR and PC roles to see who can set the quickest time!

During the MSI VR JAM Competition Mass Exodus was successful in four key areas; fun, interaction, engagement and immersion. Since launching the game on Steam on 19 December we’ve had incredibly positive feedback and thousands of people are already playing. We still have big plans for Mass Exodus in 2017, including online multiplayer capabilities and additional levels. The game is currently available on Steam for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, so if you’re interested check it out.


Demo days

Our mission is to bring VR into the marketing world and show companies its promotional benefits. The only way to truly understand the potential of VR is to experience it. This is why Polymerse regularly visit businesses to display the service and demonstrate the advantages of an immersive experience.

VR marketing helps companies to exhibit their product attributes, demonstrate service potential and create engaging brand experiences. As a result, consumers can make more informed decisions. VR defies practical and geographic limitations meaning the only thing stopping you is your own imagination.

As VR enthusiasts and passionate marketers we love attending demo days to share our knowledge. Last week the team visited Karmarama, a London-based communication agency, who help transform brands through advertising, PR, targeted content and brand experiences.  Walking into the Karmarama office we saw straight away that they were an energetic and creative agency, like us.

We showed them a few of our VR experiences that we recently created. The first one, designed for a home decoration company, transports the customer into a living room where they can change the colours of the walls, furniture and other décor using a paint palette on the controllers. This would enable you to view colour schemes before creating them in your own homes. Nobody wants to paint a wall and then have to redo it because it doesn’t look how you’d imagined. VR removes the guesswork and you’ll be able to see the finished product, virtually, before you make the big decision.

Our second experience, designed for a car company, allows you to look at the interior and exterior of a car and make personalised changes. These include seat position, ambient lighting, colours of the seats, headlining and the dashboard finish. This experience means you can make a more educated choice, ensuring you’re happy with what your finished product will look like.

It was a pleasure to meet the Karmarama team and show them the type of services that Polymerse can offer.

If you have, or know, a company that would benefit from our services then please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We invest in the latest VR hardware to create the best possible experience.  Our only requirement from you is a plug and some floor space of just 2.5m2. If you’re interested in booking a demo day to see how VR will help your company then please send us an email at