NATS Outer Space
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NATS Outer Space

A futuristic hub full of things to see and do

NATS Outer Space


NATS (the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services) approached us to create a VR experience to show all of the services they provide. The visual style needed to replicate the pop up stations that they use to show their products in the real world, so we took that and pushed it as far as possible.



We came up with a sci-fi themed, futuristic laboratory that had different sections for each product.


  • A scaled down model version of Heathrow airport complete with several airplanes flying around the room. Everything is interactable and displays more information when selected.
  • An Air Traffic Control Tower with several screens showing an airport selected by the user
  • A product station displaying everything NATS can offer with detailed descriptions
  • A Video Player with their most recent videos on the future of airspace as well as what they’re currently working on
  • Finally hub stations with access to other NATS VR experiences





January 28, 2018