Mass Exodus wins at the MSI VR Jam
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Mass Exodus wins at the MSI VR Jam

We are truly honoured to be awarded second place

Mass Exodus wins at the MSI VR Jam

We’re very proud to announce that Polymerse won second prize in the MSI VR JAM Developer competition with our exciting new game, Mass Exodus. 600 teams, from across 72 countries, submitted their games and with such stiff competition we are truly honoured to be awarded second place.

The global MSI VR JAM Developer Competition aimed to inspire VR developers and push the capabilities of the latest VR hardware. MSI is a leading hardware developer and produce VR-ready products that test the industry benchmark. We are therefore very proud to be involved with such a fantastic organisation and their partners IntelUnity, Uploadload and WEARVR.

This game is a must buy for the vive...Just buy it!

Our game is set in a droid corp assembly plant where an android has broken rank, it’s a local multiplayer game where you can play to either find the android or play to help him escape. The Seeker is a large sinister robot in control of the factory and the second player is the rogue android. To escape you must switch off all four power consoles, located around the warehouse, to shut the factory down. The game is fast-paced, easy to pick up and has the ability to swap between VR and PC roles to see who can set the quickest time!

During the MSI VR JAM Competition Mass Exodus was successful in four key areas; fun, interaction, engagement and immersion. Since launching the game on Steam on 19 December we’ve had incredibly positive feedback and thousands of people are already playing. We still have big plans for Mass Exodus in 2017, including online multiplayer capabilities and additional levels. The game is currently available on Steam for both Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, so if you’re interested check it out.