Youtubers Love Our Game
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Youtubers Love Our Game

Close calls, tense moments and .... hotdogs?

Youtubers Love Our Game

Throughout Mass Exodus’ launch, we’ve had amazingly positive feedback from everyone who has played it. We couldn’t be happier that people are making videos about the game, some funny, some informative, and some reviews. We can’t thank you all enough for the support.



Node are a Youtube Channel that play only the best VR games, and enjoyed our game enough to add it to their roster. They made two amazing videos showcasing Mass Exodus, where they had some really close calls on who wins.



Shonduras is a popular vlogger on YouTube, but has recently started a second channel for gaming with his work colleagues. They took a twist on our game by adding in a hilarious story where the factory used to make hotdogs. Interesting concept guys!



Brometheus normally plays VR solo and reviews games, but managed to get his girlfriend to dive into our factory with him, for some super tense games. Looks like they both had a blast!