NATS Bristol City Manager
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NATS Bristol City Manager

Real time updates on a massive scale

NATS Bristol City Manager


NATS (the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services) innovation team approached us to see what the future of managing Bristol city would look like in the near future. They wanted us to find a new way of working with services and be able to see everything in real time.



We started by recreating a to scale version of Bristol city, every building, street and road was built to represent the city perfectly.

We had to find a way of displaying important information as it happens within the city, we found that large visible icons floating above incidents and updates such as:


  • Live bus route information between the city and airport, including passenger count and next stop
  • Delays and cancellations in train stations or on train lines
  • Police activity such as noise complaints or burglarys
  • Bristol Departures and arrivals with destination and flight numbers


Video to follow soon



August 24, 2018